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Important Announcement:  As of September 2001, the SourceForge CVS archives are no longer being used.  I (Dave Ashley) have returned to school to pursue a Ph.D., and I've placed the CVS archives on a server at the university so I can access them more conveniently.  This means that the book and the tool set may be somewhat different than what is here on SourceForge.  The archives will be moved back to SourceForge after I complete my studies (as late as 2006 or 2007).

All versions of the tool set available for download here are fully functional.  Newer versions will be posted here for download, but the CVS archives will not be up to date.  This should not be a practical problem if you need the source code, because .ZIP files containing the source code are among the available downloads.  It is only the CVS archives that will be stagnant.

Please feel free to contact me at DTASHLEY@AOL.COM with any questions or concerns.

Best regards, Dave Ashley.

Gratuitous Search Engine Link:  Dave maintains a server at Wayne State University, and has had a little bit of trouble getting it listed on search engines.  The link in the previous sentence should be enough to get it crawled, hopefully (since this page is crawled by search engines).

What This Tool Set Is

The Iju Tool Set (also sometimes called IjuTools) includes:

At the present time, this tool set is for Windows platforms only (Windows '95, '98, ME, NT, and 2000).  The installations are prepared using InstallShield Express, and the source code is compressed into .ZIP files using WinZip.

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