How To Release This Tool Set On SourceForge

These instructions explain how to release this tool set on SourceForge.

Bump Version Numbers (If Not Already Bumped)

Be Sure That All Materials Build And That All Version-Controlled Files Committed

Obtain A Clean Copy Of The IjuScripter/IjuConsole Source Code

Obtain A Clean Copy Of The Book Source Code

Package The IjuScripter/IjuConsole Source Code

Package The Book Source Code

Rebuild IjuScripter And IjuConsole

Rebuild Book

Create IjuTools Installation Binary

Package The Book .PDF File

Record The File Sizes And CRCs

Transfer The Files Up To SourceForge And Release Them

Update The Tcl Interpreter Used For Building The Book

Commit The InstallShield Express And PFTW Project Files

Test The Source Code Distributions

Obtain New Sandboxes

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